Secure Destruction

Reliable, responsible, safe and compliant waste destruction for your confidential waste

Businesses rely on our secure destruction service for a safe disposal of highly sensitive and confidential waste with 100% certainty and 0 risk of re-entry to the supply chain. Our service encompasses destruction and disposal of all confidential documents, incorrectly labeled products, product recalls and damaged stock.

We are equiped with the highest level of machinery, technology and security to ensure that confidental products, goods and documents are monitored from the moment they leave your compound to the destruction of waste. We welcome you, or your company's representative to witness the destruction of your confidential waste, for your peace of mind.

How will our secure destruction interest you?


  • Cost Effectiveness - Handling your confidential waste can be valuable in reducing the total cost incurred, such as lowered secure storage and landfill fee.

  • Safe and Reliable - Your waste will be treated and disposed of in a responsible and legal manner.

  • Secure - Your confidential waste will be tracked and monitored upon collection to the destruction process.

  • Environmental Friendly - We will reclaim waste materials where possible to be recycled.

To learn more about how we can help you with the disposal of your sensitive waste, contact us today for a free consultation.