Dry Mixed Recycling

Achieve higher recycling performance and lowered costs through our segregated Dry Mixed Recycling

How can our Dry Mixed Recycling Service help your business?

Our Dry Mixed Recycling service follows a simple approach to boost your recycling performance through disposal of your basic recyclable materials. Through segregation of these clean recyclable waste, you will be able to:

  1. Enhance your recycling rate and performance

  2. Boost the amount of waste diverted away from the landfill

  3. Reduce disposal cost of other bins, or reduction in cost should the waste be disposed together

  4. Reduce environmental impact generated by your waste

Boost your recycling efficiency whilst managing your waste

What materials are allowed in our Dry Mixed Recycling service?

Paper Products - packaging card, newspapers, office paper, and other dry paper waste

Cardboard - Corrugated Cardboard

Metal Cans - Clean or rinsed out empty drink and food cans

Plastic - Clean or rinsed out single use plastic items, water bottles, plastic bottles, packaging films and other plastic items

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