Manufacturing and Industrial

Offering reliable and sustainable solutions to the unique and complexed manufacturers and industries of Malaysia

You're doing your part in our economy and making lives comfortable. For every industry and business, waste will be generated. Let us do the same for you, let us help you get rid of your waste worries while staying compliant to the Malaysian laws.

ESP's sustainable approach to identify recycling opportunity, reduce waste and maximise cost efficiency.

As experts of recycling and materials recovery, ESP's infrastructure and facilities are equipped with both the knowledge and tools to help companies eliminate waste where-ever possible and keeping the cost down. Our team of experts are ready to utilise their experience to enhance your efficiency and convert your waste into a valuable resource for the world.

Our Waste Management Services includes of:

For every unique company require customized solutions to meet their needs. Let our team at ESP support you and your company with a service tailored to match your processes.

To understand more about how we can help you with your company's waste, call us today at 012-416 6826